Air/Water Cooled-Chiller Products

Air cooled and waiter cooled scroll Chiller

High efficiency

With compressors from world reputable compressors maker and coupled with high efficiency heat exchangers, the system is designed to deliver high effiency performance and reliability to meet stringent demand in various applications.Heat exchangers are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified factory environment where quality and consistency are practiced in daily operations.High performance microchannel heat exchanger offers reduction in size and footprint without sacrificing the performance.

Advanced control System

With built in intelligent control algorihm,the system is able to be operated through “ one touch operation” .Operator is able to examine and change the system settings instantly through the user friendly touch screen panel.Connection to BMS through Ethernet ( wired or wireless) is possible through different type of gateways;Thus,providing the capability to monitor system operation and performance remotely.


Screw chillers are equipped with proprietary refrigerant control technique,back with oil induction mechanism and a secondary oil separator that will ensure compressor to have sufficient oil supply all the time.In addition,the screw chillers are adopting multiple compressors system with multiple circuiting designs that will eliminate the needs for oil balancing and as a result,a more reliable and stable performance.

Energy saving & Safety

The system operation is controlled by using world renowned industrial grade PLC controller to provide multiple capacities staging and at the same time provides precise control that ensure close adherence of system capacity versus load.

With partial load ability,the system is able to operate precisely in different load profile and deliver the highest performance under all conditions.As a result,the system is able to save energy by performing afficiently and at the same time satisfy the load requirement.By riding on the strength of PLC and with the installation of various temperature sensors,protection devices and pressure transducers,extensive protect-tions are in place to ensure safe operation and to provide early assessment of problems through effective alarm system.
Zero ODP

Chiller products using R314a refrigerant are available as a commitment to reduce the emission of HCFC.Furthermore, the equipments are manufactured in an ISO14000 certified facility which complies to international standard for environmental management.

Easy Maintenance

The refrigerant system comes with multiple service valves and stop valves at strategic locations to ease maintenance and troubleshooting process.besides, the system also comes with filter drier ( with replaceable drier core), splenoid valves,sight glass and thermal expansion valves which further enhance the serviceablitily of the system.


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