Air Cooled Mini Chiller

Model Capacity   
FHCA 10 – 15 KW
FVCA 10 – 54KW

Compact design

The packaged type mini chiller with slim and compact design minimize the space need for installation. It can be integrated easily any architectural design either residential or light commercial area
Step Control
Mini chiller is designed with 2 refrigerant circuits. Multiple steps of capacity control, 0-50-100% seamless control, greatly improved compressor reliability and energy efficiency, especially low load condition.
Scroll Compressor
Mini chiller using scroll compressor that have been proven with superior performance and quiet operation. To protect the scroll compressor rotating in the wrong direction, a phase protector is equipped in the B mini chiller.
Safety Protection
High Discharge temperature protection, compressor over load protection, high / low pressure switch, Filter dryer, anti freeze protection and automatic/manual defrost functions distinguish chiller with its outstanding features
Easy Maintenance
Wired LCD controller equipped with various operating mode, timer setting, self diagnosis in error code and leaving/entering temperature display. This will greatly reduce the commissioning and troubleshooting time.
Optional Auxiliary Heater
Optional of auxiliary heater is possible to enhances heating capacity in order to accommodate in different application in need.


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