Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Model Cooling Capacity
FAS-C1C1 (R134A) 347 – 1034 KW
FAS-C1C2/C1H2 (R22) 234 – 1307 KW


Wide Capacity range

Air cooled screw chiller provides arrange wide of cooling capacity, from 247.5kw up to 1173kw can be integrated easily of various type of application. Each compressor provides 3 steps, 4-steps or continuous (25% – 100%) capacity control delivers the precise capacity to match the building cooing / heating load

Screw Compressor
The screw compressor with simple and robust construction design have the result in low noise, high reliability and durability operation. Other than this, the thermal motor temperature monitoring, discharge temperature protection,
Phase sequencer distinguish screw compressor with its outstanding feature.

Two Stage Liquid Injections
All the air cooled screw chiller is equipped with two stage liquid injection to maintain normal discharge temperature. Advanced liquid injection is achieved by a bypass line for delivering liquid refrigerant to suction line (1st stage) and chamber (2nd stage) to reduce high compressor heat. This prevents compressor’s failure from getting high in the temperature.

PLC Control
PLC controller is installed on all standard of the air screw chillers to execute setting, operating status viewing and protect critical components in response to internal or external signals: High discharge temperature protection, compressor over load protection, high/low pressure protection, water flow error, anti freeze protection, oil level switch,  and automatic defrost function.

Easy Maintenance
Wired LCD touch screen controller equipped with various operating mode, operating status viewing, timer setting, and self diagnosis alarm history. This will greatly reduce the commissioning and troubleshooting time



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