Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller

Model Cooling Capacity
FWSD095.1EC2-255.1EC2 (R134A) 298 – 1429 KW
FWSD280.2EC2-445.2EC2 (R22) 338 – 2646 KW

High efficiency
Two stage compression centrifugal compressor. High reliable design allow the the compressor switch on interval time as low as 10 minute. Bearing lige up to 80,000 hours.

High efficiency condenser divided into 2 parts, deflector is installed at the middle, to divert the liquid refrigerant to the edge of the shell. Signigicantly increase heat transfer efficiency of the lower part. It is very efficent, for high tonnage unit,

where the cooling temperature can be lower by 0.5 to 1oC. Spray evaporator which is good in heat transfer, refrigerant circulation pump reduce the system charge level.

Advance Control System
The unit is equipped with advanced mircrocomputer controller, ensure the safe and stable operation. Touch screen controller with high response speed, is easy to operate and setting, allows the user to master the real time running status. PID control automatically adjust the unit load according to water temperature and target temperature of cold water. Muntiple anti – surge function, with combination prevention, control, alarm method, will automatically correction to meet the required capacity.

Protections are provided fpr refrigerant system, electrical system and water system to ensure safe operation and to provide easy assessment of problems through effective alarm sustem. Example of protections are compressor’s motor over – heat, compressor’s motor over current, unusal phase sequence, oil position too low, temperature discharge too high, pressure too high, pressure too low, freezing, power down, etc.

Zero ODP
Chiller products using R314a refrigerant are available as a commitment to reduce the emission of HCFC.Furthermore, the equipments are manufactured in an ISO14000 certified facility which complies to international standard for environmental managemen


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