Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Model Cooling Capacity  
FWSD (R134A) 146 – 1578 KW
FWSD (R22) 146 – 1578 KW

Simple Installation

Compact and small footprint design of modular chillers minimizes the space needed for installation. The modular design reduces the cost of transportation and allows expansion of capacity when the needs arise in future, thus, reduce initial investment

Safety Protection
The modular chillers have built in protections for all sub-system, i.e. refrigerant system, electrical system, and water system. Various over load protection devices, phase protector, temperature sensor, pressure switch, flow switch, etc have been installed to protect the system if it experiences any failure of components or abnormal external factors. With these safety measures, the system is able to deliver high performance and at the same time ensure safe operation at all time.

Easy maintenance
Wired LCD controller equipped with various operating mode, timer setting, self diagnosis in error code and leaving/entering temperature display. Through the precise and intelligent control algorithm, the load will be distributed evenly to all the modular chillers, thus greatly reduce the commissioning and troubleshooting time and prolong the service life of the compressor

Flexibility & Energy Saving
Various combinations of modular chillers provide great flexibility of matching the exact load demand of application.. Up to 12 units of modular chillers can be combined to provide the necessary capacity and allow future expansion through easy add-on features. Besides the modular system is able to adhere to different load profile precisely and deliver highest performance at all load condition.

High Efficiency
The water cooled modular chiller with high efficiency dry expansion type shell and tube heat exchanger. The inner grooved copper tubes are accurately expanded and mechanically bonded to the end palates to produce high performance heat exchanger.



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