Chiller for all Industry sectors

Cooling specialists and application all- arounders

We have positioned ourselves to supply chillers for all industry sectors. As our customer you profit from our many years of experience, unique expertise in thermal management technology and our worldwide presence, which ensures reliable and speedy logistics



Machine tools

When production processes are based on machine tools,consistent quality is required even when ambient temperatures are high. Therefore, the machine systems must not overheat, otherwise repetitive accuracy can no longer be ensured during manufacturing of many various types of products. It is this high

technical quality of products that distinguishes

German engineering and helps to make sure that machine tool manufacturers can consolidate their leading position in the global market



The various segments of the plastics industry (injection

moulding, blow moulding, heat moulding, thermoforming,

extrusion, etc.) require cooling with a temperature accuracy

between ± 2 K and ± 0.5 K.

Pfannenberg chillers are able to meet these requirements

in all application fi elds.




Modern laser/marking and cutting systems must work fast, accurately and cost-effi ciently.

When it comes to high-performance lasers, constant cooling temperatures are a signifi cant factor.

The smallest deviation may result in inaccuracies, and consequently, valuable raw materials would be wasted during processing.



The drive motors of modern machinery must permanently deliver top performances in terms of accuracy and speed.

Water-cooled drive motors are specifi cally designed to meet

these requirements. Realising this concept throughout the lifecycle of a machine requires proper cooling.


Food and beverage

To produce top quality for end users while following the strictest

specifi cations, cooling is required in many areas of the food

and beverage industry, both in the production and packaging

of the products


Line of Chiller Products




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